Her bestie

We hear it from her teacher all the time, Angel is very close to a little girl named Desiree in class. But we didn't really see it for ourselves, until recently we were invited to join the school outing to Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom at Sentosa.

Angel and Desiree were sticking to each other throughout the whole trip, holding hands, playing, and chit-chatting non-stop. At one point I even saw them kind of bullying a girl together...

I'm happy to see Angel having a bestie in class. I think Desiree is a big reason why Angel doesn't hate going to school. In fact, Angel seems so happy to get on the school bus everyday. For a long time Angel and Desiree were the only two girls in class, perhaps that's why they are so close together.

And I was looking through some of the photos I took at Angel's school about two years ago. It was only the fifth day since she joined, they were having a Chinese New Year celebration, Angel was still extremely shy and afraid, but then I realized something - Desiree was there! She was already sticking to Angel!