She spotted me

Angel has just changed to a new school. A rather big change for her - new environment, new teachers, new friends, longer hours at school, and she now has to take the school bus on her own. It has not been easy for her.

On her 5th day her school was having a Chinese new year celebration and performance, I decided to drop by and take some pictures. I waited outside the glass window when I spotted her holding her teacher's hand and slowly walking down the stairs. Angel spends most of her time with us, so it's quite an incredible feeling seeing her trying to blend in with others on her own, I can't help but smiled big time.

She's still extremely shy, her teacher had to hold and comfort her the whole time. She was looking emotionless. When they let the parents go in, I quickly went in and sat as near as I could to her.

She spotted me.

I waved to her, and she gave me the faintest of smile! This totally melts my heart, knowing that she was pleasantly surprised to see me there. During the entire performance Angel would often turn her head towards me and check on me.

I love this girl so much.