A little push of help

We brought Angel to Paragon's playground and let her run loose, and boy, did she run loose. She was literally jumping all over the place and playing everything available. One time we saw her pushing a kid down the slide so that she can have a go, we thought she was being bad again. I wasn't too happy.. then a while later I saw something amazing.

Angel was climbing up the steps and going down the slide repeatedly. At one point, she stopped at the steps for some reason, probably to count the steps. Then she turned around and saw a small little toddler boy behind her trying to climb up, with his mum holding him. Realizing that she's blocking the way, Angel quickly climbed up to the platform and waited for him. While on the platform, Angel kept looking at the boy and pointing her finger to the slide, as though to cheer him up and lead him the way. The little boy struggled to climb up with his hands, Angel then kneel down, grabbed his arms and attempted to pull him up. He eventually made it, Angel let him walk to the slide first, then followed him behind. The boy didn't know how to slide down, so Angel gave him a little push. It's then I realized it wasn't a push of selfishness, it was a push of help.

Angel normally doesn't get along with other kids, so it's really heartwarming to this.