Angel came into my room and started to mess up the bed, as usual. This time though, she barricaded the bed with pillows, blanket, and plush toys. She asked "Daddy you want pirates?", and got me to step inside. Then she said "Daddy wait here ok, I get the map". I was surprised to see her came back with a scrolled paper.

Apparently she had drawn up a map, complete with little locations and features. We then pretended to be pirates, with Angel leading.

"We go to the flower garden. Daddy I give you green flowers, you go get me pink flowers ok?"

"Now we go to the rainbow road. Daddy I give you the green rainbow, you give me pink rainbow ok?"

"Now we go to the treasure. Use this shovel here. Yehhh we found the treasure! Daddy you open it. Yehhh I got crown! I got ice cream!"

"Daddy we sing the pirate song!"

I simply love this about Angel. I never want her to lose her imagination.