To the TreeTop Walk

I have seen pictures of the TreeTop Walk many times before, but I had no idea.

The hike through MacRitchie to the TreeTop Walk really isn't suitable for young children, once you get inside the forest there is no easy way out but to walk several kilometers one way.

Nonetheless, this day I decided to bring Angel out for an adventure. At first she was a little bit scared of all the new things she saw - dragonflies, weird looking leaves, and even rambutan shells, which she thought was some insects. But soon she got used to the forest, many times she even walked way ahead of me.

Though I had to carry her for most of the returning trip, Angel walked a lot, a lot more than I expected her to. I guess for the short afternoon she was able to pretend to be Dora the Explorer, carrying a backpack, and exploring her way through the forest.