The little explorer is back!

I haven't been bringing Angel to night stroll for a long time now. Partly because my mum-in-law now brings her to the playground after school, and asks me not to bring her out at night. Partly because I have been busy and could not make it back home early. Also because of the recent one-month Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, mum-in-law just doesn't allow me to bring Angel out at night.

I was beginning to miss the times we explored the parks at night together. So tonight, I pushed my bicycle out ask Angel if she wanted to go out, she said YES!

I helped her don her red helmet and off we went. We walked, we hopped, we ran all around Sengkang Floating Wetlands. We picked flowers, we tried on various outdoor gym equipments, we climbed monkey bars, we did all the things that we used to do.

Angel is still her active and curious self, only this time she seems to understand more of the things I say, and she's way more talkative than before.

What a lovely night.