Learning from a 3-year-old

Angel will grow up, she will go into society and she will face tough times along the way. And when she does, I want tell her to look back and learn from her 3-year-old self.

This is what I will want to tell her:

Don't be afraid of failures
Everyday you make mistakes, you do the wrong things, hurt yourself, and get scolded. You keep saying "umbrella" wrongly, we have to repeat it about five times. But each time we correct you, you repeat after us immediately without any sense of embarrassment, until you get it right.

Always step forward
Sometimes you get sad and you cry, but you can turn it into laughter in a matter of seconds, as though the sad thing never happened at all. This is incredible.

I hope she will always remember this.

For now though, I think it's me that need to learn from Angel...