A wonderful impromptu date with Angel

Angel is currently on school holiday, that means most of the time she's staying at home playing with her toys and generally feeling bored. I've been wanting to take a day off from work and bring her out to play, but it's been raining heavily everyday, so I didn't.

But today, something happened.

As I was saying bye bye to Angel, I sneezed. I took a piece of tissue paper out from my bag, wiped my nose, and left the house. When I reached office, I couldn't find the key to my drawer where I keep my laptop. Apparently the key had fallen out of my bag when I took the tissue out at home. There was nothing much I could do, so I decided to take the day off and spend it with Angel.

She was very surprised to see back home so early. I took my lunch, did a quick research, and decided to bring her to Sentosa. Dark clouds had started to appear but I decided to take a chance. I packed her raincoat, swimwear, towel, singlet, shorts, two diapers, wet tissues, water bottle, biscuits and bread into my bag. There was no more room for my camera, so I didn't bring any.

We took the train to Harbourfront station. Angel insisted to sit on my lap and being very active, I had to calm her down with a game of Dora Dress up on the iPhone.

When we reached, I walked her to the cable car station. Angel has always looked at the cable cars from afar. Today, she stepped into one. She held on to my hand, walked into the cable car nervously, and started to explore all around.

After a round trip to Mount Faber and then to Sentosa island, I brought her to take the luge, I have always wanted to do this with Angel. Very nervously she climbed in the luge and onto my lap, we went down the hill faster than everyone else because I refused to use the brakes. She shouted excitedly: "SO FAST!". After the first round, Angel said to me: "Daddy we go one more time ok?", good thing I bought us a 3-round ticket.

We have to take the skyride back uphill. Again, very nervously, she stood waiting for the chair lift to arrive, I carried her to the seat, and she looked curiously all around underneath us.

When we were done with our third luge ride, I was afraid Angel would be hungry, so I passed her some inadequately packed biscuits. She was munching her first biscuit when she saw a M sign and shouted "Mac Donald!". As her wish, I bought her her favorite fries and Milo, I even got her to tell the staff "one happy neal" - though it was too soft for the staff to hear..

After our meal, we headed to the beach. In the water, I had to carry the fearless Angel back a few times because she was walking too deep for herself. Not only did I forget to bring the waterproof iPhone casing, I also forgot to bring a change of underwear for myself. So I had to head home with a wet crotch.

During our final skyride to head home, Angel said to me: "I lup daddy". I did not expect that.

It was a day I was ready to go to work but didn't bring my key. It was a day I decided that I could take care of Angel by myself for half a day. It was a day the dark clouds came and went.

It is definitely one of the best days of my life.