How we spent Christmas

We braced the weather and headed to Angel's favorite hang out place - Sengkang Riverside Park and Sengkang Wetland. I started to cycle her to this park about a year ago, initially we would just hang around the pond area. But with her explorer nature, we started to venture further, and we are still slowly discovering how vast this place really is.

Angel has kind of worked out her favorite routes:

  • We start at the pond area where she picks leaves and throws it to the fishes and tortoises.
  • Then we walk to the grass steps where she tries her balancing walk.
  • I have to wait for the "where bicycle?" voice when I would then carry her back to the bicycle.
  • We then cycle to the wetland where she does her usual running and exploring around the bridge.
  • Her running normally leads us to Sengkang Sports Complex, where we would go to the outdoor gym. This is where she calls the sky walk machine a "swing" and she would try her hands on the monkey bars too.
  • After that we walk up to a huge road bridge. We only just ventured to this bridge not long ago, so she's still slowly learning about this area.
  • The bridge leads us back to the park, from here on it's piggyback all the way back to the wetland to get the bicycle.
  • Sometimes we cycle to McDonald's to have dinner or drive through to get her a corn cup.

Normally this trip takes about 1 to 2 hours.