Why I pick her up every friday

Had a blast at my office Christmas party at Raffles Place, I haven't been to this vibrant part of town for a while now. After the party I felt like staying on with friends and continue partying, but I had to pick up my daughter.

On the way I kept thinking why, why do I not stay on and have fun? Why do I bring her home and spend the rest of my night taking care of her? I was still wondering that when I reached grandma's place, and as I turned the corner to face the door I got my answer within one second.

A simple "Daddy"! Followed by Angel running to the kitchen to look for grandma to open the gate. Grandma was in the shower, so Angel came back and tried to open the gate herself. She tried to climb up and reach the lock, she pushed and pulled the gate, she tried to figure out the workings of the gate. Unsuccessful, she ran back to look for grandma.

After the 4th try running to the kitchen, she finally managed to get grandma. As soon as the gate was opened, she ran up my to arms with shoes on her hands, ready to go home.

That's the reason why I bring her home.