Her camera?

We went grocery shopping over the weekend and Angel decided to pack her Leapfrog LeapPad2 toy along. After lunch, we walked past the children painting area and we decided to let Angel try rubber art for the first time. When the art was done we were taking pictures of it on our camera and mobile phone.

It was then we saw Angel taking our her LeapPad2 from the bag, we were yelling "No no no, don't play with it here, we are leaving!", and she replied "But I want to take picture of the butterfly you know".

On blending in and facing rejections

Angel never used to like hanging out with the other kids, she used to stick closely to me when we went to the playground. But lately she has changed a lot, she now easily gets comfortable with another kid, and they could be good friends in an instant.

These few days, Angel even started to bring her favorite toys to the playground just so she could "share share with friend friend". This is so nice to see. However, with that she faced perhaps her first rejections in life.

You see, when Angel plays with us, she likes to be in charge. "Draw this", "color green ok?", "let's play picnic", "let's go find the treasure yeah". And it's no difference when she wants to play with the other kids, she even asks me to play Hi-5 songs on my iPhone and asks the other kids to dance with her.

Of course, not all the kids want to join or follow Angel. Sometimes they just leave her alone waiting. One older kid we met at the playground even said Hi-5 songs are boring and she preferred to sing One Direction songs.

Doesn't matter. I'll always be there to play with Angel. She will face more rejections as she grows up, I hope she will understand that that's just part of life, and I'll always be there for her.